Cut and Polish Service in Auckland | The Shine Car Wash

Cut and polish – Stage 1


Is your vehicle’s paint looking dull and lifeless? Years of exposure to UV rays, contaminants, and improper washing techniques can leave even newer cars with swirls, scratches, water spots, and oxidation. Our cut and polish service restores your car’s paint to a brilliant, glossy shine!

The Cut and Polish Process:

  1. Complete exterior decontamination to remove embedded particles and overspray
  2. Level and Cut with a diminishing abrasive polish sequence
  3. Refine and polish using specialized polishing pads and compounds
  4. Inspect and further polish by hand as needed
  5. Apply a durable protective ceramic coating or sealant (recommended)
Our expert detailers have the knowledge and tools to revive your paint’s luster without causing additional damage. From daily drivers to classic cars, cut and polish gives your vehicle an eye-catching, head-turning appearance. Combine with one of our ceramic coatings for maximum beauty and protection!