The Shine Car Wash's Premium Cut and Polish Auckland

Cut and Polish -Stage 2

Cut and Polish Stage-2

Is your vehicle’s paint looking worse for the wear? Are you tired of dull, scratched and swirl-marked finishes that detract from your car’s appearance? If so, it’s time to experience the brilliant transformation of a professional cut and polish. The Shine Carwash are cut and polish experts dedicated to producing truly flawless, concours-level paint finishes that appear better than factory new. This comprehensive detailing process mechanically removes imperfections to restore glossy, liquid-smooth perfection.It’s a comprehensive process that:
  • Eliminates oxidation, scratches, swirls, water spots and defects
  • Mechanically levels and smooths the clearcoat
  • Polishes the finish using diminishing abrasives
  • Optically perfects and jewels the paint for a flawless, glossy appearance
If you want to experience this brilliant transformation for your daily driver, book your vehicle’s cut and polish service today. Let us revive your ride to glossy, liquid perfection!